If you regularly use your bike it may get damaged in the course of its life and will need regular services to keep it running smoothly. Unlike your car a bicycle doesn’t have an odometer and a log book so our mechanic will determine what is the best servicing option, as well as make suggestions to help you keep your bike in the best condition possible.

Speed of Bike offers a full range of services to get your bike back to a ready to ride state.

  • Basic Service – overall inspection, lubricate cables, adjust brakes, clean and lubricate chain, tune gears, tighten all nuts and bolts, check tyre wear/pressures and a final wipedown.
  • Standard Service – as Basic Service plus full degrease of drivetrain and a frame/wheel wash.
  • Complete Service – as Standard Service plus wheel true and complete stripdown/degrease of the headset or bottom bracket.

Our frame/wheel wash includes degreasing and cleaning the wheels, forks and frame. We do not use a pressure washer.

In the course of a service we will give the bike a thorough inspection and advise you of any issues, whether they be immediate or suggested recommendations. If we encounter any issues that may incur further cost we will always gain approval before performing additional work.

We can also make repairs to your bike to keep it roadworthy including (but not limited to) replace gear and brake cables, gear and brake (V, road and disc) adjustments, wheel repair and truing, hub adjustment, bottom bracket overhaul, adjust your headset and service your drive train (chain, pedals, cranks and front/rear chain set).