Cycle Through COVID

Australia has taken to cycling again, and Speed of Bike is here to help you. Whether you’re getting your old pushy on the road, have picked up a secondhand bike or have a new one still in the box – Speed of Bike is your one-stop, local bike-shop.

We are also continuing the reduced child service rates – bikes with 24″ or smaller tyres are $45 (with gears) or $35 (without gears)

While the situation has improved over the last few months, we are continuing our COVID-19 precautions – all customers are by appointment only and are socially separated by 30-minute bookings. A distance of 1.5 m is actively encouraged and a bottle of hand sanitiser is kept in the workshop.

Thanks to everyone who has given us the opportunity to get them back on two wheels. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay to the left!