Coffee Shop Pop-Up

September 4, 2016 Jeremy 0

Speed of Bike is pleased to announce that we will be providing a pop-up bicycle repair station at coffee shops in the Ascot/Hamilton/Hendra area. This is a trial service and our first host is Saabi On Manson, where we will be in attendance on Saturday, September 10th from 7am to 10am. If you are riding past then why not swing in and have us check your bike over and grab a cup of coffee while you wait?

Brisbane To Gold Coast Tune-Up

September 2, 2016 Jeremy 0

If you’re thinking of taking part in the Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge on October 16th you’ve probably already started getting in shape. But have you thought about getting your bike tuned up too? Whether you are on a roadie or the family share bike the B2GC ride is an awesome way to get fit and help raise money for charity, so take a little time and ensure your success by getting you bike ride fit with Speed of Bike  – so check out our very competitive rates today!

Bike Building

August 7, 2016 Jeremy 0

Thinking of buying a bike on the internet, or from one of the big retailers in your local shopping centre and not quite sure you know how to safely put it together? Most bike shops won’t show any interest in helping you but Speed of Bike will. Bring your purchase to us and we’ll assemble it to the correct standards so you can ride it away without any worries.

Wheel Repair Service

August 7, 2016 Jeremy 0

Speed of Bike specialises in wheel building so if one of your wheels is a little out of true, you have a broken spoke or a cracked rim, or you want to replace a hub then contact us. We have built wheels for little tykes and mountain bikes, roadies, tourers and Penny Farthings.

Hydraulic Brake Servicing

August 7, 2016 Jeremy 0

Are your hydraulic brakes not giving you the stopping power you want? Bring your pushy to Speed of Bike to get them checked out, because soon we will be able to bleed your brakes and put new oil back in the system. Brands include Shimano, Avid, Hayes and Tektro.

Welcome to Speed of Bike

July 1, 2016 Jeremy 0

Speed of Bike is a service and repair studio located in Nundah, Queensland that specialises in children’s and family bicycles. By operating a studio we minimise overheads and can pass the savings on to you: we won’t over commit, we won’t under deliver and we will never up sell you something you don’t need.