Get The Kids Outside Offer

March 26, 2020 Jeremy 0

With restrictions on people gathering in one place, playdates are going to be the thing of the past for the time come, but current government advice is that exercising (with limited interaction) is allowed. Great news if you’ve got kids cooped up and are looking for things to do! With this in mind Speed of Bike is offering basic services on children’s bike  – 24″ wheels and under –  for $45 (geared bikes) or $35 (non-geared bikes) for the foreseeable future. Please contact us in advance so we can make the necessary preparations for your arrival.

CORVID-19 Precautions

March 20, 2020 Jeremy 0

Speed of Bike will continue to operate during the current coronavirus situation under the following conditions: social distancing of at least 1.5 metres will be maintained, no more than one person on the property at any time, no members of the public will be allowed in the workshop, all transactions will be electronic (either through bank transfer or EFTPOS – no cash) and no immediate/rush jobs will be undertaken. On that last point, small jobs like replacing tubes and brake pads will be taken in overnight so as to limit the amount of face-to-face exposure. Please understand that Speed of Bike operates from a private residence, and in order to prevent unnecessary contact we are enacting strict measures to protect ourselves. If a customer is unable to respect our measures they are welcome to take their bike elsewhere, and we will provide recommendations.

Wet Weather Worries

March 10, 2020 Jeremy 0

With all the rain we are having in Brisbane your bike is sure to be picking up some grime and going through some extra wear and tear. Why not bring your bike in to Speed of Bike to get your bike serviced so that the next time it’s dry and the paths have been cleared you’ll get optimal perfomrance out of your bike, whether your climbing Cootha or careering down Kedron Brook. Call ahead on 0427 497 180 to make a booking!